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Vegas was amazing. Almost killed me. Got pix posted now from Sunday the first night at As the week+ went on, there are a smaller and smaller percentage of the pictures from each night I can post. Fortunately, I took a lot of photos, so this is not too much of an impediment.

Hung with Forrest, Szandora, Kayla, Bunny, dyingsunshine, and other non-journal miscreants. Went to sushi dinner. Service was peculiar, but I got what I ordered. Went to club to see Szandora hula. She was magnificent of course. Went to supposed location of Playboy party at Red Rooster. Ended up at Red Rooster Mini Storage, as opposed to Red Rooster swingers club. Oops.

Went to bar at Venetian. This would become a recurring motif for the week.

Hooked up with a bunch of friends, including one fashion plate friend of mine whose luggage had been temporarily lost with all the crazy security. Fortunately it was found or shopping would have been the first order of business. As it was, we all piled into this ridiculous Hummer stretch limo to go to the Playboy party for real this time. My pals were being such alcoholics that they made the limo driver stop off to buy more booze to drink during the trip from the hotel bar to the open bar Playboy party. They drank gross sweet hard liquor beverages which I passed on, but they appeared to enjoy. Club the Playboy party was at was weird. It included bedrooms you could sneak into if you didn’t mind the spooge of swingers past. Rocking good time though.

Then went to bar at Venetian where much misbehavior ensued.