Hi Kayla

Went over to Kayla’s place last night. Had a great time. Accidentally drove with an open container in the car *before* I started drinking. I have no idea what my excuse for that is, other than that I am still not accustomed to being able to drink, so the whole rules for alcohol thing is not at the forefront of my brain. Kayla made meatloaf and we drank a variety of beers as I could not make my mind up in the supermarket. I think I drank most of the Fosters and she drank most of the Sam Adams Pale Ale. Kayla told a story about a shoot where she relented on forcing a giant strap-on on someone and let him just lick her ass. She told the story in the supermarket line and caused much blushing around us. Bwa ha ha ha . . . Made drunken posts on the internet. Took turns sending instant messages to various people who could not keep straight who they were talking to. Probably because we weren’t telling. Dominated someone into apologizing to Kayla for something rude he had posted. Looked at weird stuff like used Rolexes people we knew were shopping for on ebay. Made drunken phone calls to various webmasters and other long-suffering folks. Hi Tybalt! Kayla has THREE awesome dogs. Even after undergoing the lint brush, I have dog slobber and fur all over my clothes, but it was worth it. Periodically through the evening I would remember that there were people watching a cam stream of us eating and drinking and using the computer and playing with doggies.