Arizona Trip: Alcohol May Have Been Involved

So I went to Phoenix and Tucson and had a really great time. Went to visit a friend who is sadly leaving a company I do business with, but he is going on to cool things and he is a good enough friend that I am happy for him, even if it is inconvenient for me.

I was offered a good deal on a suite upgrade at the Hilton and I took it for the jacuzzi. I requested a nonsmoking room. They gave me room 420. It took a few to find my suite, because someone had stolen the number. At the Hilton.

My friend limoed us to this awesome Japanese restaurant where they cooked your food at the table, including lighting it on fire. He had his limo driver sing us old time crooner music. The restaurant was like Benihana, only with good food and good service. They told the restaurant it was my birthday, even though my birthday is August 19 (LEO BABY ROWR!) and so the waiters and everyone sang to me and gave me a souvenir sushi-themed cup. Everyone but me did sake bombers. I chose to drink what was apparently banana-flavored gasoline. Oops.

Then went to cool party. Saw many folks I knew online but not in person before. Ran into many pals from past events and online.

Arizona is sometimes the same time zone as Los Angeles, but sometimes it is an hour off. Also, last call there on a Thursday is 1am. So it was like midnight for me when I got back to the hotel. I was prepared to have a party in my suite, but fortunately sounder minds prevailed over mine.

So I came back to the Hilton and used the business center while intoxicated. Logged onto ICQ remotely. Got an urgent call-me ICQ from someone I had told to stay the fuck off of my ICQ for the month of December. This would of course be the second time he has ICQed me since I told him that. Was drunk enough that my tipsy brain figured it must be important, so I called, even though this dude has been 10% cool guy I’d really really really like to be friends with and 90% headache since I first came across him. Got his voicemail and thought I was covered.

Then everyone who *ever* calls me in the wee hours of the morning . . . called me. Including my brother waking me up to be supportive about me meeting my parents the next day. And including the guy who ICQed me who called back. Told me that he had been plotting against me from go and was going to betray me. I told him that was expected as every friend I ever had who drove a Jetta eventually betrayed me in some significant way. Not that he had actually quite progressed to really counting as a friend yet anyhow and not like he really has any way I can think of to betray me, other than being an unreliable and sexually aggressive dick and he has already covered those bases pretty thoroughly.

Then met my mom for lunch. Visited with my parents for a couple days and it was really excellent and fun and terrific. I’d been apprehensive, but it was great. Like really greatWe went to this cool desert museum where I got to see all kinds of flora and fauna which is unique to the area.

Got all my party pix posted now at:

I’ll get the desert museum ones posted later on.

My parents really know how to eat well too. I swear my father has barely aged in the last decade. Same vampire pact with the devil as yours truly. I guess I don’t look like the postman.

So I came home really chill and relaxed and happy. And I’m like I sure hope that I don’t end up beserk as soon as I get back online . . . to be continued . . .