. . . Bar & Grill

Went to the Lava Lounge last night to meet a cool webmaster I know from online and various events. Never been to the Lava Lounge before. It was closed.

So we coordinated via cell phone and decided to consolidate to my car and head over to Coach & Horses. There was a little girl in the parking lot apparently selling something for her school. You know to keep her off the street and off drugs etc. So my friend gets in the car and I’m like “so what did you buy?”

And he shows me:

And I’m like “I think you did buy drugs.” He claimed to believe it was mistletoe, but I don’t know what mistletoe looks like, so hard to tell.

We head over to Coach & Horses, but parking looked annoying, so we ended up at The Rainbow. I would normally have dressed differently to go that far West, but oh well. It is a rule in Los Angeles that you never know where you will end up over the course of an evening, no matter how much you plan beforehand. Rainbow was fun. Ran into Aeon and a bunch of other cool folks. Drank some beers. Ate some shrimp.

More pix at http://www.spookycash.com/fun/rainbowjunction/