10 Things You Might or Might Not Know About Me

Someone on a board I occasionally post on started a thread on this topic and it seemed like fun. I posted nine 100% true things and one not totally true thing. The untrue one was sort of board-specific, so these are all the true ones:

1. I first got into selling naughty pictures in 4th grade when a friend and I glued some Europorn from her mom’s boyfriend’s collection to construction paper. My parents put a stop to that business. I started publishing subcultural erotica in print and only moved to the internet a long time later. I’ve been interviewed about my various naughty publishing ventures by MTV, HBO, FOX, The Washington Post, The New York Times Magazine, Salon, and a bunch of other magazines, zines, newspapers, TV, and radio, but I’ve been feeling really disillusioned about press lately.

2. My favorite video game will always be old skool arcade Robotron. I have a soft spot for House of the Dead. Had real guns pointed at me but never been shot at.

3. I come out of the DC punk scene and the musical scene there had more cross-pollination and gothindustrial was considered punk.

4. I’ve never been caught masturbating at work, but offhand I can’t think of a job I ever worked for someone else for any length of time where I didn’t masturbate at work.

5. [out of context]

6. I love road trips. I love travel. I love the sense of possibility and adventure in visiting new places. I love the different perspectives I can get from talking to new people in new places. I love seeing the sun set in a different place.

7. I went to the emergency room as a small child after eating my grandmother’s watch. Also a bunch of times during a nihilistic period of my life when I hung out with very bad drivers and was in more than ten accidents in like two years.

8. I went to 12 schools in 12 years, and lived in five countries on three continents, before moving out and going to university when I was 16.

9. If I wasn’t in adult, I would just keep doing all the nonadult projects I do. There are not enough hours in the day as is.

10. When I lived in New York, my family had box seats to the Yankees and the Mets. I would go to Yankees games and, as soon as they were ahead, I would fall asleep. I would go to Mets games and, as soon as they were behind, I would fall asleep.