I ate carrot ginger soup. Normally might not like that, but they were heavier on the ginger than the carrots. I had baby greens with blue cheese and pecans and vinegar dressing of some sort. I had turkey with amazing gravy. I had mashed potatoes. No low-carbing on Thanksgiving. I had yummy stuffing. I had brussel sprouts. Cranberry sauce. Weird little unidentified yellow veggies. Baby organic carrots. Rasberries and strawberries in a special cream sauce and a taste of someone else’s cinnamon gelato.

I so totally LOVE Los Angeles. Only in LA, is there a large choice of restaurants which will create Thanksgiving feasts. This was a damn good one too.

Thinking about doing some work now, so I can finish some stuff I’ve got about to launch. Also thinking about hitting the TiVo. Feeling good.