Portland entry #5

Went to a dive bar to meet up with awesome model and friends. Forrest ate pizza and drank beer. I just drank a lot of beer. Discussed masturbation tastes, lesbian sex, birthday fisting, Hemingway, Cometbus, Subway’s food as a diet aid, college, writing, self-expression, and tits.

Had a really really really great time.

Never made it to the second club. Was told it was sorta far. Maybe it was.

Threw up eight or nine times. First time I have thrown up from drinking since I was a young teen I think. Trying to remember when the last time was and haven’t come up with it yet.

Took cab back to hotel even though it was close by.

Got in jacuzzi soaking tub for a while to get poisons out.

Had a lot of fun out last night, but more and more lately I feel like I’m some sort of odd rider in my head and that the activities I am engaging in are really just someone else I am watching do these things. Like a movie where I think the character is really a blast to hang out with, but I can’t say I really share her values or tastes.

Damn but Portland is fucking fun though!