Fucking Beverly Hills Vampires

I had to have a whole buncha blood drawn yesterday. It didn’t make me as sick as it did last time, but I think they used a bigger needle to make it go faster and I’ve got a giant track mark on my left arm now.

My grandmother was kind of tyrant about the family getting together for Thanksgiving. So my parents don’t do it at all. My brother may get in from Japan and get added to my restaurant reservations. Genocide can be yummy after all.

I got to have a lot of fun this weekend, while doing productive business. I’m about to bring someone I really like on board to do more cool Blue Blood work. I’m working on closing multiple deals I am genuinely happy and excited and optimistic about. I’ve been losing about ten pounds a month without dieting as I slide back towards a normal weight for me. I just got a haircut I love.

Feeling sort of off and low today though. Could be PMS. Forrest has a cold. I hope I’m not getting one too. More likely I’m just feeling the aftereffects of having so much blood drawn. Maybe I will drink some blueberry and pomegranite juice to get my blood sugar up.

Either it is one of those things or I’m actually kinda sad today. I might be sad because I intended to do some creative writing today, but I didn’t feel like it when I sat down at the computer. I might be sad because I hate the thing where I enjoy new groups of people so so so much when I first come across them, but then I see who hates who and infighting and two-faced politicking and all that are just things I’ve never learned to handle. I moved all the time as a kid, so, when a situation looks icky to me at all, I feel the urge to move on.

Holidays sort of piss me off. I don’t really take days off and things like weekends when other people don’t do anything productive kinda offend me.

Okay, going to go drink some juice and Perrier in a hot bath. I’m sure I will be feeling fine and ready for yummy food after that.