Portland entry numero nine

Spent the morning masturbating with the jets in the balcony hot tub. Heinekin tastes better, but MGD bottles make better sex toys. Took a shower in the excellent quality water Portland has. Feel all tingley now.

Waiting for the bellman to put my bags in storage, so I can wander around the city until it is time to head to the airport.

Then going to check out what may be the largest book store in the world.

If I get to the airport early, I am going to get a massage. Got one at the Vancouver airport and it was great. Makes airline travel a lot less stressful.

I really needed this trip. I am going to come home so loaded for bear and ready to take on all the things I need to. Whoo-hoo!

Stay tuned for can’t-leave-the-house-eating-delivery-food-avoiding-fabulous-party-I-should-go-to-clowns-will-eat-me-and-copycats-will-be-rude-to-me post.

At least I have a sense of humor about it.