Portland entry #7

Ate some more yummy cold climate food.

Got to wear my new skulls sweater.

Had another awesome shoot today. Long one. Apparently shooting on the balcony around 6pm on a Friday night can be an issue though. Forrest was downstairs copying the model’s ID and the model and I were admittedly being very bad on the balcony. She had this awesome terrifying fetish surgeon’s outfit and was waving at the people watching from the neighboring building. I confess I might have taken a few shots of the windows people were watching from. So Forrest comes back from the business center with one of the hotel people and the hotel person who was at the desk is like the next door hotel called to complain about flashing. How odd. We expected someone to say something, but our hotel is so fucking cool that they never said a word. They did however send the bellman up the street to go to the local deli and coffee shop to get the types of food and coffee we all wanted.

Really, there is a hot tub on the balcony, so it is not like our party could have involved the first naked people on there. Maybe the neighbors call all the time about balcony naughtiness.

The model and I decided the complaints about flashing must have been the studio lights on the balcony and not the nudity, so we did a series of her in the hot tub after that, just without the big lights. She and I bonded on being creeped out about germs and she is working on opening a coffee shop even though she avoids aspirin, much less caffeine. I have the coolest and most interesting models on the planet!