Portland entry #6

Well, I can’t say I’m sleeping through the night much better for being out of town, but the change of scene is cool.

Yesterday, checked out the local square in Portland. Ate hotdogs. Had chicken soup. Had a mushroom tart.

Did some webmaster drinking. Did some more webmaster drinking.

Took a nap.

Did a shoot at a cool chick’s place. No one in Los Angeles ever wants to shoot in their home. I think it is partly because a lot of people there are fronting and partly because a lot of people are just coming through and won’t really move there until their ship comes in and partly because a lot of people have business stuff in their homes in Los Angeles. I used to always shoot people in their own space, partly for the models’ comfort and partly because there is something really real and erotic about that. Was cool to do it again.

Did a shoot at a punk rock dyke bar after closing time. Had to kick out the folks doing afterhours drugs on the bar. Hope they didn’t mind, but I prefer closed sets.

Fucked in the balcony hot tub while the sun rose. I guess people who got to work early today in downtown Portland got to see some extra-energetic action.

Was thinking about using the executive gym by the business center in the hotel, but I think I might go get some soup in the hotel restaurant instead. I’m not dressed for the restaurant, I’m dressed for a workout, but I’m charging it to my suite, darn it, so I’m thinking the dress code does not apply to me.

Actually, one of my mutant abilities when I was younger and more in touch with myself was to get good and appropriate service in nice places no matter what I was wearing. I could have multicolored hair and tape on my nipples and get a good table. I think it was my faith that allowed that. I believed in what I was doing and who I was sufficiently that it never occurred to me that other people would have any significant issues with it. The only place this did not work was Denny’s, which of course is not a nice place anyway and this is the main reason, besides the leaden food, that I don’t like Denny’s to this day.