So checking a bunch of my online stuff remotely is difficult, but there is high speed internet in the business center in my Portland hotel.

Was great seeing Szandora in Vegas. I wish people would stop talking trash about me to anyone I care about and work with though. Like why can’t the biters just find their own people to be interested in, but it seems like they just wait for me to find cool new models or interests or whatever and then try to jump on my coattails and copy whatever I am doing that week.

Enjoyed the jacuzzi tub at the Luxor. Their gym was great too. Had a really good workout. They’ve got these high tech treadmills where you enter your age and weight and fitness goals and put your hands on the bars and it adjusts the incline for how much strength you are using and the speed for how much cardio according to how it reads your heartrate. And there are little drink holders for your water too. I am sore today though.

Got to meet a webmaster chick I knew from the boards online and go to a Vegas locals bar. We had an odd assortment of stuff in common and that was cool. Obviously, I’m looking to hire and she has a good gig now, but it was totally fun to hang out with her and the evening didn’t end with her telling me I needed to put out or she wouldn’t like me any more.

She says she doesn’t get the stuff from the adult webmaster community where the guy webmasters are all weird and rude and insistent about sex. She is not unattractive, so I wish I knew what I was doing. I figure if some women I talk to have it happen and some don’t, then maybe there is a pattern. Possibly one I’d be comfortable adjusting my behavior on and possibly not, but I wish I could figure it out.

In all fairness, there is one person from the adult webmaster boards where I understand why they might have been irritated I was not down for having sex with them, but I am baffled by the rest and more than a little annoyed. I know that hiring someone to be the rep will fix the immediate problem, but sometimes not knowing where the issue comes from makes me crazy.

Flew out of Vegas on an 8am flight. Didn’t really sleep beforehand. Screaming children on the plane.