Deep Breaths

Well, having been off the weird speedy antibiotics for a few, I would have to say that they were contributing to me freaking out. Plus, much as I hate to have any womanly weaknesses, my late period just started and it is an odd light pink. Don’t know WTF that is, but I think it finally starting is improving my mood.

I know I’ve behaved in some really out of character ways recently and hopefully I haven’t done any damage I can’t fix.

A bunch of supportive folks really made a big difference to me. Huge thank yous to the folks who posted here and on certain boards and who talked to me on ICQ and on the phone. You know who you are. I was really really spinning out like I haven’t since I was a teenager and your support really made a difference. My mom was even really cool. Sometimes the world gives back some of what it takes away and stuff works out.

Still trying to make some difficult decisions, but trying to remember to take deep breaths. I think this trip is going to do me good. I’ve got an amazing room at a boutique hotel reserved for Portland. I was going to stay at Luxor in Vegas, but Bellagio is running a cool promotion, so I’m debating.

I’ve only been drinking iced lattes during my period for the last few months, so I think I’m going to celebrate my bleeding with a little walk to Starbucks now that the sun is coming up. Better put a load of laundry in first or I’m never going to get packed to get to the airport in time.

Just so you all do not worry. I will be mostly offline for a little over a week, but it will be because I am shooting (and hopefully recharging my personal batteries) in Vegas and Portland and not because I shot myself or overdosed.