Okay, I’m going to go through my friends list in a few for Portland cuties I have talked to before, but please please feel free to post to this thread. Please also repost this model call at will, especially to local groups. I know I usually tell folks not to post model queries in my personal journal, but this is an exception. Normally, submissions go to the general mailbox at, but I didn’t have anyone check it for a couple weeks and it got so many tens of thousands of emails that it blew up and needs to be repaired, so do not email at this time.

Forrest made the mistake of taking a nap on a Saturday night, so I made reservations to go to Vegas and Portland. There is a possibility that either Szandora or Forrest will nix my plans by 11pm Monday, but after that the tickets are nonrefundable, bwa, ha, ha, ha . . .


You must be interested in both fashion and nude modeling.

You must be rockin’ one or more of the following looks: gothic, punk, fetish, good tattoos, other damn weirdo individual.

You must be comfortable modeling at least topless and clear on what your personal limits are.

These are either paid gigs or content trade gigs if you have your own site.

Please post a picture(s) of yourself or a link to a picture(s) along with what magazines and web sites you are most interested in appearing in, what levels of nudity and/or explicit actitivy you are comfortable with/interested in doing on camera, and say whether you are in Portland or Vegas and whether you have your own site.

My journal autoscreens, so no one but me will see your post, so feel free to post personal stuff.

VEGAS MODELS November 9-11

PORTLAND MODELS November 11-15