I’ll be back

So my trainer is apparently in Moscow acting in a movie. I was worried when his wife called me that maybe he was having some horrible family thing where someone was dying slowly of cancer or something. Given that he is originally from Russia and all. I’m really psyched for him that he is doing what he wants to do. And relieved that it wasn’t something awful.

Apparently, he should be returning to training at least a few clients, although it is not definite. Didn’t really like the people at the gym today. Their new manager tried to hard sell me a long term membership even when I told her pretty strongly that it didn’t fit my lifestyle. She finally got me to agree, but then the contract was really long and I’d been out all day and wanted to get home before the chicken soup takeout I bought got totally cold. So I told her I wanted to read the contract, maybe have an attorney glance at it, and she got totally hostile and insisted on writing VOID on it before I took it and acted like I was being a giant jerk for not wanting to commit. Hate to date her.

Think I may try another gym for now. There is another 24 hour one right across the street from the one I use. Good things about Los Angeles. Felt pretty good to be able to work out really hard. Konstantin would have gotten me to do more sit-ups though. I really don’t like sit-ups.