Classic Stock

Went out last night to journalist event. They actually let stock photographers in and I don’t think anyone explained to the performers what stock photography means. Plan was to cover the event for a certain fetish magazine I work closely with. But the event is sort of being weird about whether or not they want to cover us for guest list and whether they want to charge us to shoot or some bullshit. Only I can cover whatever I want for that magazine. So I may skip said event. Depends what they say today.

I think it is really weird how many people do not understand that I do what I do for love and not money. Niceness and personality count. If I care about someone and I believe in what they are doing, I will give them press and make them famous. Yes, a subject has to be interesting, but, if I’m not motivated to cover that subject, I almost always have the freedom to skip it or cover someone or something else. Town Car or not, I am still punk at heart and pretty much impossible to force to do anything.

Yes, I know a lot of people just give the press payoffs and then they don’t have to be nice and the publications don’t have to pay more than dirt. Apologies if I still believe in journalistic integrity.

Which reminds me. Someone I know met Bonzo from emobeaverhunt last night. Dude wanted me to have a drink with him a while back to see how nice he is and then, when I said okay, told me he was most free around Halloween. I don’t drink with anyone who has more free time around Halloween than other times. Apparently, he was really busy last night because he sat by himself instead of coming over and asking if I wanted to have that drink. Did I mention we were all already in a bar?

Met new cool folks including amberray from livejournal and Delirium who I think darenzia referred to me. Gotta check my email to see, if I end up shooting Delirium. Talked to a bunch of cool people I knew already. Might have been kinda useless from a journalistic perspective, but I had a good time.

Not sorry I skipped godhead last night, but sorta think maybe I should have hit Bouncing Souls.

Came home and worked until 6am. Watched Family Guy on TiVo. Woke up too early. Going to take a hot bath and sack back out for a few hours.