And I almost didn’t go out tonight

So I was having one of those nights where if the question was would I like to go to an event or drive a nail through my hand, I would have asked, “What kind of nail?” (Bonus points if you know what that is an allusion to.)

But it was Tairrie’s party and Tairrie can not be denied. She was showing a black and white video about the band which she directed plus the video for the single off the new album at this cool classic old Hollywood theatre in Los Angeles. So I had to go. I was dubious about the musical direction she was going in, but the single is really pretty good. Kind of a feminist Motorhead vibe. Going to have to listen to the rest of the CD she sent without a party in the background now. Forrest already gave it a whirl.

Saw a bunch of people I like. I need to remind myself that this often happens when I go out at night, so I can drag my ass off the computer more often and not be so freaked out about leaving the house. Okay, should probably do a post about this last week some time, but I have an afterparty I should get myself in gear for if I’m all into this leaving the house thing. Going to do an update for when I get back.

Here are some pix of my night out so far:

Amelia + Tairrie

Amelia + annathema667

Kerri + annathema667

Craig lookin' like a mobster, possibly a dead one

Toddy T being positioned for his closeup

Jen Vixen + Toddy T

goofy pic of Amelia licking Tairrie

Amelia + Tairrie

Bruce smokes crack and worships satan

Amelia + the indescribably hot Meghan

All right, time to hit 7/11 and then afterparty.

PS Some pix shot by Forrest Black and some by me. If any of these pix is of you, please feel free to grab it for your journal or whatever. 🙂