Beer and Conversation

Went dive bar drinking tonight with someone I sort of know in a business context. Met him at a Sunset Strip party, but mostly know him online. Had a really great time. Talked about all sorts of different stuff.

And the evening ended better than the last one I had like that at that bar.

Last time I went there with a webmaster sorta person, I thought I was having this amazing great time and intense real conversation and, at the end of the night, the guy had a total temper tantrum and was like, well if you aren’t going to fuck me or at least have me spend the night, then I guess I will see you at the next business convention.

The medication which is making my wisdom teeth sockets finally heal has the side effect of allowing me to drink alcohol again which I had developed something of an allergy to. I think I am really making up for lost time this week though.

Tales of Vancouver debauchery coming once I get more caught up on work.

Vancouver Debauchery

Which reminds me that I better go watch this week’s episode of The OC on TiVo now. I had some delightful sex earlier this evening, so I can’t decide whether I will feel like masturbating to the show. I guess I’ll just have to play it by ear.