Sometimes it is really pretty okay to be me

So the old friend I emailed was still checking that address. She actually doesn’t live in Los Angeles, but happens to be here through Tuesday. And she was just thinking of me too. Weird synchronicity.

So, in the spirit of taking some me time, I spent like the entire day today having really a lot of sex. Other people take real weekends, but I’m a workaholic, so I feel a little guilty but pretty fucking good too. So I’m behind on my site updates, although I did just post a Raven Dorman set to Also I’m really sore. Another excellent excuse to avoid returning my trainer’s calls for another week.

Actually, I’ve lost ten pounds and gained kind of a bunch of muscle this past month.

And my wisdom tooth sockets are finally starting to heal.

Got a bunch of new energy, but figuring out where to allocate it is a trick. Giving rise to a fuck of a lot of soul-searching.

I feel like Rip Van Winkle, like I’ve been asleep for a few years and now I’m like whoa where did the time go . . . but the world better look out now because I’ve been running at maybe 1/10th capacity for quite a while. Now that I am feeling more like myself, it will probably be good for a lot of people, but I will also be more of an unstoppable juggernaut and I suspect that will cause some folks who thought they were just about to get it up to compete with me to feel pretty bad. Good.

Back to site updates for me.