Psychosomatic Yeast Infection

Doing laundry right now. Really need some clean underwear. Probably going to an adult webmaster party thing tonight. Feel kind of nauseous just thinking about going. It is a big to-do with a lot of chi-chi-ness. And I didn’t get a proper RSVP, although Forrest did, so hopefully there will be no door weirdness, if I do get my ass over there. I guess I can always leave and he can party for both of us. New clothes, freshly cut hair, no PMS to blame it on, but I’m pretty sure going to this thing involves leaving the house and being around other people and away from my computer. Open bar. Decent food. At least three people present who I like and at least two I will recognize. Lots of people I know from online. This should be fun. I feel like I’m getting a yeast infection or urinary tract infection or something, but I know it is probably just psychosomatic, so I won’t have to go. I took Monistat and cranberry juice pills last night, so I wouldn’t have the excuse anyway. I know how I’ll try to get out of stuff and I’m trying to be two steps ahead of myself.