Leaving the house turns out to be fun, film at 11

Okay, so I got dressed and left the house. Went to the Hustler reception and got a goodie bag which included an issue of Hustler I already have (a good one though) and the DVD Ghetto Booty and a pair of imprinted boxer shorts which I actually may start wearing around the house when I’m working. Haven’t checking if they fit yet. Then went over to where the Rainbow and half the Roxy were reserved for the main event. Got to meet a bunch of people I know from online. Only missed one person I was really looking for because I forgot to bring his cell number. On the other hand, he had mine, so if he forgot too, I won’t feel too bad. Got my picture taken which is always nice. Not enough people take my picture. The cobbler’s daughter has no shoes.

Got my picture taken at Bar Sinister afterwards as well which was totally cool. Not one, but two friends of mine were wearing http://www.blueblood.net/ T-shirts

so we did a couple of pix with me and them wearing them. I heart Toddy and Tim. Saw so many people I know tonight who I actually like that it is kind of disturbing. Reminds me I don’t really hate the entire planet. Saw Yolanda dancing awesomely naughty. Jen was schooling me on Michael Jackson. The deejay played my friend’s song and his drummer was all chanting, “yeah, suck my dick,” but in a good way which was really funny.

Forrest is working on adding more model profiles to http://www.barelyevil.com/ and he just sent a questionnaire to the amazingly awesome Scar. So Forrest is in the club talking to Peter from the Slut who it was really cool to see. And Scar comes up to Forrest and is like I filled out that questionnaire you sent me and it got me so hot I masturbated for a really long time because all the answers were true and then I fell asleep and almost didn’t make it out tonight. She made it though and she looked gorgeous. Note to self: book her. Also scouted a few new girls. Feeling kind of up still, so I think I’m going to go to an afterparty now to see my friends’ new place.

So when we got to Bar Sinister, parking was crazy. Probably partly because of Inkslingers being in town this weekend. So the valets were having people pull into some spots that were not really spots and it was hard to find any place, even though we had paid already. So I get out of the car and I’m all like you told me to take my Town Car down and to the right but there is no parking there so where should I put my Town Car. And I didn’t get immediate attention. Because there was a guy in a red Aston Martin flipping out about the spot they gave him. So they brought out orange cones and put them around the guy’s Aston Martin and he still kept screaming and being really abusive about how someone might zip around the corner or something and hit his car. Believe me, no one was doing any zipping tonight with what traffic was like. So at this point I’m just waiting and being kind of horrified that the Aston Martin guy is being such a psycho dick, but I live in Los Angeles and, in Los Angeles, an Aston Martin trumps a Town Car and I was going to have to wait my turn. And I was cool because I understand that rule. Finally one of the parking guys flips out at all the abuse he is getting from Mr. Aston Martin and snaps at him, “I’ve been working here for three years and I have parked much much MUCH nicer cars than yours in this spot and never had a problem.” After I almost died laughing, I told him I trusted him and where should I put my vehicle. He told me and I followed his directions.