Went to see a friend’s band play tonight. Supposed to be at an afterparty now but can’t bring myself to leave the house again. Got food poisoning the night before last and didn’t eat anything but half a smoothie yesterday. Went drinking with a webmaster I know mostly from online. Man, note to self, do not attempt to match drinks with an adult webmaster because some of those guys can really drink. And there was that whole empty stomach thing too. I think I had a conversation about music with my drinking bud which was so good and real and un-LA that I lost track of time. Either that or I blacked out for a few. I practically never drink and I’ve gotten actually drunk, really drunk, twice this week. Can’t tell if this means something or is just an odd confluence of factors. Once was to get a big radio interview and once to attempt to make human contact in person and make a new friend. I didn’t used to be too freaked out to leave the house, but more and more, I find the whole leaving my cave thing to be a tense and unsatisfying practice.

Went to get my hair cut today. Contemplated suicide to avoid getting up this afternoon when my alarm went off. Got up anyway. My hairdresser felt so bad for me as he pulled on my hair to get the cut right. I told him not to worry because I was tough and could take it and deserved it. In a weird way it actually helped clear my head. Driving to OC to go to the only guy I trust did not help my head, but it had to be done. In a minute, I am going to watch this week’s OC on TiVo, eat some leftover pulled pork, and hopefully get to sleep. I still have not figured out what I find so compelling about that show. It is the sort of thing I would not normally be into. Been feeling a bit not myself lately.

After my haircut, I wanted to wait out rush hour and Saks was having this bizarre thing where the Ritz-Carlton was catering. Had a couple of teensy snack things and a bunch of Pelligrino courtesy of the Ritz. Bought some clothes which I actually need as my wardrobe is getting kinda thin. Whole thing was really surreal. They had a guest plastic surgeon as one of the speakers for the event. I live in Southern Cali indeed. Very surreal.

Here is a late night self-portrait of my new haircut after a night on the town . . . drinking bottled water: