I hate being a girl

I hate being a girl sometimes.

If I don’t bother dressing up, then I feel sucky and alienated from my subculture and other people get to think rude things. If I do dress up, everyone on the fucking planet takes it as a sexual invitation and a bunch of my models get weird and bitchy.

In business, I feel like people don’t want to take me seriously because I’m female. If I do myself up frumpy, they take me more seriously, but not seriously enough and I feel rotten. If I do myself up hot, then they have a lot more interest but they want to talk to Forrest or something when they are actually ready to close a deal. Plus they are either trying to get me alone to talk biz or they are mentioning their significant other every fucking sentence.

In fact, apparently just having an ICQ number and a female name gives everyone on the planet carte blanche to take the slightest friendly gesture as a sexual invitation.

I think having sex with people you want to be genuinely friends with makes everything complicated and short term. I feel like every time I think I’m connecting with someone new, they are thinking I AM SO GETTING WITH THAT!

Is everyone in the world just having a lot more sex than I think or am I just so the ultimate fantasy girl that, once exposed to my one-on-one charm and wit, a person just can’t help wanting me?

My theory is that people just suck. But I guess that is a negative way to look at it.