Other people wish they were me

It is kind of funny because I know how many people wish they were me, but lately I just keep wishing I could enjoy the things I enjoy without the pressure of being me.

So many people want something from me and I just want some real friendship. I’ve got such a privacy wall up that I know I’m definitely part of the problem, but I’m really gun shy about opening up after the legion of people who have taken what they could from me and then turned on me. And I don’t mean that in a Los Angeles way at all. I expect Los Angeles entertainment people to be like that, so it doesn’t get in my way at all. But my subcultural identifications are getting really battered. I understand why people move to Los Angeles and their hair gets sleek and their torn clothing gets boxed up and their hearts break.

I know I’ve got all sorts of cool stuff going on, but I really need a vacation from being me before I forget the phone number and email address for who the core of me really is.

In the middle of shooting, so I suppose now is not the time to be in my journal. Just had to express myself.