Internet Alternatives

Not that I haven’t been trying to think of things I could do offline. I’ve been trying to remember what I used to enjoy before I was online so much. But the problem is that a bunch of those things just don’t exist any more. People know how to forward jokes and memes, but they don’t remember how to converse. At least, most of the people I know don’t. If I go out to a club and greet an acquaintance, more often than not, their conversation is just to tell me to read their journal online. Everyone seems to think they are a celeb with fanatics now. Frequently, people I am only peripherally aware of believe that I must have read every word of their journal for years and have joined every membership site they were ever on and have seen every mention of them ever on an E/N site.

Mind you, these same people will not bother to find out the most basic things about me or anyone else they sort of know. They are that self-absorbed. Today, I actually saw an email someone sent to Blue Blood suggesting that an erotic publication in print would be a good idea. No way! Really? Maybe I will do something like that some day.

Blue Blood #1

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