Blue Blood’s Launches, Great Press & Explosive Growth

– Blue Blood’s Breaks One Thousand Member Mark
– Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts written up in the Hong Kong Sun
– Blue Blood’s Rubber Dollies Launches
– Blue Blood Model Call
– Contact Reminder: e-mails discontinued, West Hollywood snail

SPOOKY HOTTIES has just taken off like crazy. This week it broke the thousand
member mark. Yesterday, Spooky Hotties passed the million hits in a single day
mark. Forrest Black and Amelia G’s photography appears on the new Spooky Hotties
site and yours can too. Models and photographers and artists and all sorts of
spooky web folks are invited to post and rate photographs and drawings on this
dangerously addictive internet playground. There are sections for Spooky Girls
and Spooky Boys and even Spooky Pets!

The Hong Kong Sun wrote up a couple years ago and this month
they published a second glowing write-up on Gothic Sluts. Roughly translated
from Chinese, they said that the girls may seem frighteningly devilish but the
site is so seductively attractive and original that they just can’t tear their
eyes away. Apparently, they have been looking nonstop for quite a while now.
Thank you, Hong Kong Sun.

The really BIG news, however, is that the Blue Blood crew has produced a brand
new site for all you rubber enthusiasts. Skin Two was the first magazine besides
Blue Blood in print to publish Forrest Black and Amelia G’s photography and they
currently do the “Big in America” column for Marquis. Subscribers to the Blue
Blood mailing list are no doubt familiar with Amelia G and Forrest Black’s huge
list of fetish photography credits. Rubber Dollies is going to provide the
prolific photographers with a venue to share their specifically latex-oriented
photography. Some of the fetish goddesses who will appear in exclusive photo
series on Rubber Dollies are Batty, Darenzia, Fetus de Milo, Lydia Ivy West,
Maitresse Jennifer, Mistress Kendra, Mistress Lara Jezebela Paine, Ondine,
Sabrina, Scar, Szandora, and Yolanda. If a single photo of one of these lovelies
caught your eye in a pervy publication, you can now see the whole photo shoot on These photo sets will be available no where else in their
entirety and many of these shoots are 100% exclusive to Blue Blood’s Rubber
Dollies. Special thanks to Molly Made, Polly Pandemonium, and Syren for giving
us so much of their great clothing to photograph. Amelia G and Forrest Black
have also commissioned some really gorgeous rubber photography from other fetish
artists from all over the globe. Plus you can see some very naughty video from
their pals, read slave letters, and meet each other in the chat room and forum.
This site was a long time in the making and it is so worth it. For a limited
time, you can join for as little as $8.25 a month. Check it out now.

With the new site, Blue Blood will have some special new needs for models. In
particular, if you have a cool look and a latex wardrobe and are comfortable
posing nude, then Forrest Black and Amelia G would potentially like to book you
to shoot. Please send a couple of jpegs of what you look like to with information about what you are comfortable
with/interested in doing on camera, what sort of wardrobe you have and enjoy,
what sites and magazines you would most like to appear in, and what city you are
located nearest. There are definitely some near future opportunities for Los
Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco-based models.

Anyone interested in doing flyering and other street team activities for and and and other Blue Blood projects should email with info on what city you are in and what you feel are the
coolest club nights/events and shopping areas in your town. If you already
responded to this call in the last newsletter, you do not need to write again;
we are just waiting for the new batch of flyers to arrive.

You probably all know this by now, but, if you still have any of the
e-mails in your address book, delete them as they have been discontinued. Do not
attempt to get in touch using Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, or Beverly Hills
contact info. All swag, contracts, review materials, requests for interviews,
latex dresses, etc. should be sent to:

Blue Blood
8033 Sunset Blvd #4500
West Hollywood, CA 90046