BLT ::: Black Leather Times

So here are some of the phrases people have used on search engines to find BLT so far this month. I’m leaving out the ones where people searched on their names. It must really slay some people when they search on their own name or the name of an ex and the only thing which comes up is a BLT mention. Like, hi, welcome to the electronic age, the only blip you have made in the digital universe is a dis in a punk zine from DC. hahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahha…. Okay, in all fairness, sometimes the only blip is a positive mention and not a dis, but still …

“black leather times”
“dracula unleashed” “greenberg”
“valentine michael manson”
black bitches
black leather biker chicks
black leather times
black phallus
charcoal cunt
colombian sluts
fall leather
family reunuion
home remedies for scabies
hot for teacher
hot teacher
johny rotten’ thoughts
lick leather
mormon sluts
neighborhood sluts
psychopathic leather
punk rock leather coats
san diego sluts
shave head clippers
shaved off my eyebrows
spooky sluts
stacked sluts
teacher sluts
valentine michael manson
wearing a leather mask sucking a cock

Come to think of it, BLT is still one of the accomplishments/blips I am proudest of. Partly because it was pure. Hey, if home remedies for scabies isn’t pure, I don’t know what is. Maybe I should do a new issue or archive some more older ones online. Hmmm…