Good Morning, Rollerball, Sinister

So I fell asleep watching Rollerball last night. The new one obviously. Chris Klein is not my flavor and I still think he is unbelievably fine. For some reason they didn’t make LL look as good as usual, although most of the flick was shot in a really interesting — if you were only watching it for three minutes in a music video — sort of way. The main danger of TiVo is that it makes it really convenient to watch things I would probably never have rented and definitely did not see in the theatre. Apart from the fact that it was slow enough I fell asleep during it, the new Rollerball was sort of supposed to have a mood of paranoia, but it was waaaaaaaay less violent than the original. So movies have gotten more violent, but Rollerball got denatured. I remember the original scaring the HELL out of me. Also, we have tons of manufactured sports now like Slamball and wrestling and it is unnecessary to have them play in multiple games in multiple cities with free expensive sports cars as perks and the possibility of death for publicity. The whole Rollerball concept was made excessively current day if they wanted any suspension of disbelief.

There seems to be an empty bottle of Moet by my computer. Went to Bar Sinister last night. Tricia booked the bands based on looks and she has good taste in guys. Peter Thomas introduced me to the stylist who is credited/blamed for popularizing the mohawk this time around. Maybe I will have more of my models get hawks from him. hee hee Put a copy of SWAG in JD’s pants because there was a pic Forrest and I shot of him and Taime and this wild girl Racquel in it. Taime has been doing sit-ups or something because he looked really good last night. Hmm, don’t think I ever posted the last SWAG newsletter here. Maybe I will do that in a few. Ran into Mr. DragonStorm and Shannon (not together) and they have to be two of the most stylin’ folks around. Yolanda was wearing the world’s smallest set of ruffles and dancing and she looked really hot.

As this week is all about I think I will post a pic of her from the site:

I need some more sleep and I need breakfast and I need coffee. These requirements seem to be conflicting with each other, so of course I am doing the logical thing and just messing around on the internet.