WTF Spam

I thought the spam about the time machine was effed up. This one really takes the cake though. Here is info for donating your money to Uruguay. I think I’ll pass.

Subject: Money Laundry Solutions from aTfR

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 16:02:58 +0000

From: Support

To: Amelia

References: 1, Do you currently have in your possession illegally earned money and have difficulties placing it into your bank account?


Are you in the business of child pornography and have

difficulties with transferring money from one point to another?


Are you tired of edless taxes? Are you tired of “antilaundring”

programs in your bank? Is your onlne business in shadow ?


Open an account with Fethard Finance today and we guarantee to

solve all your problems immediately!!!

Our features:

-Wire transfers

You need to make an urgent transfer, but banks work till 15

o’clock only? Do it via our bank – we work almost 24 hour a day.

-Anonymous and named cards

You don’t want many people to know about your account or you

don’t care about it – we can provide you the service, that fits

better with you.


– Currency exchange

Someone has transfered you US dollars instead of your beloved

Nicaragua cordobas? You don’t need to kill this person. Just make

an exchange at our bank and let this person live.

-Fast services and fast support


Also we can offer much more services you may be interested in.

Please visit our website or you may

contact us by other ways.



Country: Uruguay

Registration number: 7780 ?? 30.07.2001

Address: Florida srt. 1485, 3-rd Floor, 11100 Montevideo –


Phone: +5982 902 5627

Secretary: Mrs. Blanca Doris Sosa

Fax: +5982 902 3114

E-mail: support@

ICQ: 156746629



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