Pay Pal Sucks

So I just tried to buy something with paypal and got a message telling me I couldn’t, even though I’ve got money in the account. So I log in and get the following message:

“07/31/2003: After reviewing your site, and in accordance with Section 11 of the User Agreement, your account has been closed. Your funds will be held for 180 days from the date of your last accoun transaction. After 180 days, we will release your funds by either mailing a check to the address linked to the account or by bank transfer.”

After reviewing my site? Which site? We used to accept paypal subscriptions for and, but we stopped offering that option ages ago. Never mind the fact that a paypal rep had met me at an adult convention and had courted me to use his service. Never mind that he had said they were committed to servicing accounts for adult products.

I know they have been hitting a lot of people recently, but it still bugs me to have it happen to me, especially when I haven’t been using paypal for some time for the stuff I would like to. Believe me, I would have liked to do an ebay magazine sale when I found out that my business bank was no longer in business. But it is against both ebay and paypal rules for me to sell back issues of Skin Two or Marquis or Leg World or Demonia or basically anything I might have. I also really think paypal could have told me what they objected to, instead of just nuking the account.

I guess I will be exploring some of the paypal alternatives I’ve been hearing about. Later on, I will post what I find out. For now, I think the link to visit is