Spooky Cash & Larry Flynt for Governor

So, relaunching the affiliate program for GothicSluts.com and BarelyEvil.com ended up being one of my big projects for this past week. It was not supposed to be the priority, but sometimes priorities just choose themselves, darn it. Now I get to go back to working on the projects I was trying to complete before I had to juggle my schedule like crazy.

Spooky Cash Gothic Partner Program

So Spooky Cash is live with new improved functionality, thanks largely to Forrest being awesome. Members of the new affiliate program can even have the code for rotating banners automatically generated so they can just put it on their site and get paid for referring visitors to GothicSluts.com and BarelyEvil.com. Affiliates make more on a site membership sign up than the site owners do, so it is a good deal for folks who want to promote the creation of more cool erotica.

Which is all great but totally not what I was intending to work on this past week. A belated happy birthday and a thank you to Szandora who helped keep me sane. Let’s see what else have I been up to . . . went to a new doctor who is trying to see if he can figure out why I’m not healing. Spent a bunch of time online talking to other people who got hit by the bank shakeup. Like five of the banks that do site membership transactions went belly-up over the past month or at least stopped doing that sort of business. Three more are expected to be gone by the end of the year. Kinda creepy.

Larry Flynt might run for Governor of California. I’m afraid Arnie won’t be getting my vote if Flynt is in the race. Aside from the reasons folks might think I would have, I want to say that Larry Flynt’s company is the most honest business in his arena. I’ve worked for all the big adult publishing houses in one capacity or another and Larry Flynt’s companies are the only ones which have always paid on time and as agreed. I think the Hustler folks are some of the only decent business people in America and it would be great to have someone in our government who knows how to succeed at business, while treating people right.