Why Single Out GothCon

Ugly Shyla’s creative journal photo today got me thinking about the GothConInquisition community. So I went over there and it claims to be on hiatus, whatever that means. (I know the definition of the word, kids, but I think you either call a boycott off or you do it; you do not pause it.) I posted the following message, but I don’t know if it will be approved, so I thought I would post it in my own space too:

As the community is somehow on hiatus, perhaps someone can now take the time to answer the question about GCI which still rankles for me. Why is the GothCon event the one which people are up in arms about? It just feels to me like someone must have a personal unspoken axe to grind. It has been stated here that GCI is not about the people helping with this year’s convention, but personal attacks were made. I’m not saying everything with the GothCon conventions was done on the up and up, but why is that event and only that event the one which is being taken to task. For example, what did Fetish Cares give to charity? Have they provided domentation of their gifts?