Sometimes the Universe Does Give a Girl a Hug

Amelia G with Godiva gift basket photographed by Forrest Black who rocks!

So I was feeling reeeeeaaaaallllly down earlier. As those of you who posted supportive stuff in my journal no doubt noticed. (Thanks guys) I was just having one of those weeks where almost everything I tried to do met with one frustration or horror after another. I try to just post the little daily irritations and anecdotes in my journal and not get into any really bad stuff, but suffice it to say that it was a week so horrible that it would have seemed too heavy-handed if you saw it in a movie.

But the universe decided to give me a hug. I’ve still got the headache that won’t quit, but I’m in the most excellent mood right now that I don’t even care.


(1) I got some cool comments from friends in LJ
(2) I got it together to go to the party at the Max Hardcore mansion and it was really fun and a bunch of people were way friendlier and nicer than at most Los Angeles parties. My friend who was a jerk about my invitation to go totally missed out.
(3) I checked my snail mail and it was chock full of good stuff. I got the books in I ordered from Barnes & Noble and I got some good news and most notably, I got a GIANT metal filagree gift basket with every kind of Godiva chocolate made and china to put it on. I had said nice (and true) things about the company which is sort of my business bank on an industry forum and they noticed and sent me a gift basket to thank me. How fucking cool is that!
(4) The most wonderful Forrest Black took pictures of me with my cool basket of goodies and they turned out really good. The darkest of the purple eyeshadows was a gift from my best girl Szandora and it perfectly matches my favorite discontinued lip gloss (Thanks!) A lot of time I look stressed in pictures, even though Forrest is an incredibly talented photographer, but these just really captured the moment in a beautiful way. You can tell I’m happy just looking at them and that makes me even happier.

Message from universe to Amelia G: Yes, it has been rough lately, but everything is going to turn out a-ok, so cheer up. Hugs. 🙂