GothCon Boycott: This Time It’s Personal

I just posted this to the gcinquisition group:

I am still looking to answer the question about GCI which rankles for me. Why is the GothCon event the only supposed scene scam which people are up in arms about? It just feels to me like the active parties must have a personal unspoken axe to grind. But only one person has had the balls to admit it. It has been stated here that GCI is not about the people helping with this year’s convention, but personal attacks were made. I’m not saying everything with the GothCon conventions was done on the up and up, but why is that event and only that event the one which is being taken to task.

For example, I asked what did Fetish Cares give to charity? Why was I concerned enough about injustice to ask, but none of the gcinquisition people were interested? At any rate, I asked Fetish Cares to provide documentation of their gifts. They say they did not give anything, but their books are open and they are going to send me documentation. As their event is over and they have already decided the revenue was not enough for them to want to give to charity, then they must have done the accounting already. But it is coming up on a week since they said they would send me the info and I have yet to receive it.

If the scene is actually becoming more concerned about injustice and dishonesty, it would make me a very happy girl. But I’ll need to see some proof on that.