So I thought I would find lots of cool new artists at the comic convention, but I did not see much which really jumped out at me. I’m looking for artists who can draw (paint, photoshop, painter, poser, pen and ink, whatever tool works) cool-looking people in clubby and/or fetish clothing, some preference for clean Gothic looks. Seeking both dimensional color work and clean black and white work suitable for merch. I prefer working with people who can accept paypal or barter or check in dollars drawn on a US bank. I don’t have the time to send an international money order from a Swedish supermarket with denominations in rubles via carrier pigeon any more.

If this is you or someone you know, please post your sites (or your friends’ sites) with samples here or email to I had someone in mind for a specific project which is current, but she was all booked up and it pointed out to me that I really need to have a roster of talented people to contact when needs arise because I do periodically need people to work on various one-shot projects. Feel free to repost this call at will.

Thanks, Amelia