Maybe I Am A Dork

Whoo-hoo! I actually left the house and went to the comic convention. I finally got it in gear to go yesterday. Got there too late to get press passes, but they hooked us up with guest badges. The Masquerade was not as exciting as I had heard previous years were, although the pre-Masquerade festivities included a really cute flick featuring The Joker vs. Batman and then Batman vs. Alien and then Batman vs. Predator and then really a lot of Predators vs. Batman. It was extra-fun to watch in an environment where everyone got it. I had so much fun I wanted to stay through today. Only every hotel in the area was 100% booked. Every hotel in neighboring areas was booked. Including corporate hotels, resorts, boutique hotels, hostel, and total fleabags. Then Forrest Black spotted what I thought was a theatre and it turned out to be this amazing beautiful historic hotel. They were totally booked, but they let us take the reservations from some folks who had not shown up yet and, as it turned out, never did show. It would have really sucked to have to drive back to Los Angeles at 2am and there is no way I could have slept in the car with my back just recovering now. Our hotel was a totally cool renovated brothel and the final day of the convention was a blast. Had to wear the clothes I went in twice because I was not really planning on staying, but I got a free T-shirt for this new fetish vampire flick coming out called Underworld, so at least I had something clean to wear on the car ride home. Now to check my email and stuff. This is going to be scary after being out of town.