So, I just found out that some random girl came up to one of my best friends and favorite models at a Manson show and started giving her grief about shooting with us. Apparently the girl being rude posed for nothing (no dough and no fame) for a site which thinks it is competitive with This is a recurring theme in my journal, as in my life, but I am so sick of people who copycat like crazy everything I do and then diss me.

I understand that, even though the first place I ever got drunk was the Baptist Mission outside Tel Aviv, a lot of Southern Baptists will not see eye-to-eye with me. And I am okay with that.

I do not understand people whose every creative move is based on one or another thing I’ve done, however, who treat me disrespectfully. It is like they feel like if they slag me hard enough, they will make themselves originals. And I should not let it get me down, but it does. And some total stranger being rude to my friend because some little bitch with an axe to grind told her to . . . well, that makes my blood boil.

But I’ve got a new policy: Every time some small person tried to feud with me to make themselves important, every time some large corporation tries to steal my work, every time I’m hurt, I am going to get myself a treat. So, to the people who read my journal because they are desperate for ideas, please take notice that every time you step on my toes, you are effectively buying me a present. I’m going to go finish programming my new TiVo now. :-p