Unbelievable Spamness

It must be Irritate Amelia Week. The guy from gothic.net called me a while back to express his financial woes and see if I could help him out. I made a bail-out pland for him and he didn’t get back to me for ages. Then everyone on his server had their sites go down for an extended time without reply from him, when I had offered to host all of their sites for FREE. Now I am slogging through my email to find anything of value admidst the sea of offers for limp pindicks looking to refinance their homes. And the guy from gothic.net has this great idea for how I could give him money to help him spam.

I like getting offers and recommendations from sites I have done business with, but I hate hate hate getting random emails for products that have nothing to do with me or my interests. My email is barely usable at this point because of the volume of spam I have been receiving and a supposed friend of mine wants to get me into spamming?! That is messed up.