Pigs, Chickens, Loathing, and Espresso

I hate people who think the barter system means that they trade a pig for six chickens and then, after they have eaten the six chickens, they demand their pig back.

I hate when people have sixteen different online personas. And some of their personas have really rotten personalities. But if you seem like maybe you don’t like just one of those personas, then all fifteen other personas and the real life person decide to hate you forever.

I hate supposed pals who come crying to me to defend them when someone is mean to them. Then I am down on the person who was mean to my alleged friend, on my friend’s account, not because I even necessarily have a relationship with the person. And then my theoretical associate decides to be friends with the person they wanted to be defended from . . . and likes me less because their new friend doesn’t.

I hate people who start a project because they are inspired by a project of mine and then try to start drama, when really they could just appreciate that which inspired them.

I hate people I’ve done favors for who make up lies about me.

I hate that there are people who should know better who believe lies about me.

I hate people whose guilty consciences make them think I am talking about them when I am not.

I hate that my espresso machine is broken and I can’t decide if I want to stop drinking coffee long term or buy a new machine.