GothCon Lynch Mob

So tried posting my feelings about GothCon to Goth Con Inquisition and I got one response from one of the moderators who I actually do think believes in what he is doing, unlike a bunch of the other people who are trying to get something or just enjoy being part of a lynch mob. With all of the people Ugly Shyla has befriended over the years, this whole mob just points out how quickly most of our scene forgets the positive. Below is an [edited to make sense not in that thread] elaboration on what I am talking about:

One of the things which I think is turning a lot of people off with the whole Inquisition thing is that the disagreements are so much more heated than makes any sense. But note that I posted something reasonable and only one person responded. Shyla expressed that she thought the Inquisition was just a bunch of fatsos peeved that they did not get laid and she got a response. That strikes me like, with the exception of theonebob most of the people involved in this thing do not want a reasonable response. I think the likely reasons they want to provoke unreasonable-sounding responses is because (a) they have a secret axe to grind or (b) they enjoy a lynch mob mentality. The whole thing depresses me.

Shyla would like to see the event happen again this year. Our community has so few events as it is. We should not need to put charity forth as the reason to have an event. We should care about our community.

I’m not saying GothCon must go on, but surely this amount of effort could go into creating something for the scene, rather than tearing something down.