Original ideas

I kind of like to keep a journal like this. With the internet, you can scream into the void and the void will give you feedback. I like that the networked nature of this allows me to keep in touch with friends who live far away and get to know new people I might not have met otherwise. But I hate the way there are people sitting there reading my daily thoughts to figure out what they should work on next. I start talking about wanting to do more on the sort of con circuit stuff I did on the east coast and looking for makeup artists who can do more fantastical stuff and it takes days before someone who reads my journal decides that that is their next creative move too.

Two weeks ago, I had some guy tell me that he thought I might think his site was a rip-off of Gothic Sluts but actually he got his domain three years before I launched Gothic Sluts and his idea was actually a riff on Blue Blood in print. Like I was supposed to be mollified by the idea that he thought of copying me earlier than I might have guessed. At the time, I noticed that he actually got his domain months after Gothic Sluts launched, but I like some other stuff the guy has done, so I didn’t call him on it because I thought it would just annoy him to be caught. So, anyway, usually I don’t really look at the specific names of who signs up, but last night I was working on some drudge work for the site and I see that this guy actually was a member of Gothic Sluts for months before he got his domain name much less launched his site.

I used to think it was really cool to be inspirational. Only I am really not into the thing where people are inspired by me and by what I create. And then they do something themselves. Which should mean that I get colleagues and people to chat about stuff I care about with and people to do cool projects with. But really means that then they get to act like they invented whatever they are doing and make things harder for me.


Hmm, I just got up from a nap. Feeling much better now. Don’t really remember where I was going with this. If anyone is wondering why my patience is a lot shorter than usual, you can take a jaunt over to Forrest Black’s journal where he has already quite eloquently laid out the situation.

–Amelia G