My girl Szandora is in town, so she and Forrest Black and I headed out to see our friends from Dead Girls Corp play at Bar Sinister. Come to think of it, Grantor was in town from the UK last week for E3 and we also went to Bar Sinister then. Can’t establish a pattern now. Here is a photo Tim took of me last week at the club (by the way, Tim positioned my finger and I am not actually flipping off Grantor):

Got to see really a lot of friends last night and met a bunch of new people including an LJ person who probably has a wicked hangover right about now (feel better.) It was a good turnout. TC gave me some good news about her new album. Met Toddy T’s mom who had come out to the show and she told me how much she liked the photo Forrest and I took of Jen Vixen and Toddy for SWAG. For some reason, parents always really like our photos of their kids. Given that we shoot weirdos like ourselves, I don’t know what intangible property about our portraits makes parents happier about them than anyone else’s pictures, but I think it is a really good thing. Makes me very happy. Now if I could just get my parents to be vaguely impressed by . . . well, anything. I remember one of the last times I visited my parents in DC before my mom sort of retired and my dad was complaining about her coworkers holding up her schedule because they felt so impressed with themselves about the fact that they were having long meetings at the White House every night. So, basically, not holding my breath on the impressometer. Anyway, Szandora and Forrest and I managed to drag our asses out of the afterparty by the nice early hour of 4am so we would all be chipper to shoot today. Apparently my body has forgotten how to sleep properly and I have been up since 7:30am for no particular reason. Hmm, must forage for coffee and foodlike sustenance.