So BLT aka Black Leather Times was the punk rock humor zine I did in the 90’s and we’ve got an archive online at I ran into an old friend when I was in Vegas last week and he mentioned that he and a number of my old compatriots from the SF con circuit and the DC punk scene have found BLT online. Apparently a lot of other people have found it when maybe it was not what they were looking for. Here are some of the search terms from April and May:

bitches in leather
black leather
black leather curtain
circle jerk dares
elves in black leather
fat albert leather
female instructing male to masturbate
foolproof suicide
gothic lesbians
gothic sluts
gothic sluts fishnets
green loctite
hot for teacher
hot gothic sluts
how to give yourself a mohawk
im gothic and i like black guys
kurt sightings
leather bitches
leather fucking
leather fucking swing
leather latex sex
leather puppy hood
leather rock
leather suicide
leather tech
leather tux
medium sized penises
micro thong
micro thong wear
morissey lyrics
music made me kill
punk leather
punk rock times
really nice jerk
sluts bananas
smoking nutmeg
summer of love cover
valentine michael manson