So, I know LJ is probably a place where everyone will say talk about it, but . . .

If I disagree with someone on something or if someone disagrees with me, I prefer it if I can directly discuss my concern with the other person or they can directly discuss their concern with me. Matters discussed directly can be worked out. Problems can be solved.

I feel like, when there is a relationship between two people of even minor depth, then how could other people know all of the details. I mean, if you meet a celeb for five minutes and you tell people about it, you can supply all of the details of the interaction and someone listening to the story could be totally objective if you were totally honest and presented an unbiased account. See what I mean? Even that would be stretching it. But when two people have a long series of protracted interactions which combine artistic stuff and business stuff and personal stuff . . . well, I feel like it is pretty difficult for a third party to make a fair assessment of what went down without having to know a lot of details.

I also sort of tend to think that people who rush to announce “their side” in public, when there is an ongoing issue, well . . . I think those are guilty people who think that anyone who knew a complete account would know they are wrong. I suspect I am not the only person who thinks this way.

So, if someone posts or otherwise releases an incomplete and misleading statement about me, should I assume that people reading it or hearing it will know it is a load of rubbish? Should I release a more complete account of events? Should I pursue legal action, even if the person doesn’t have any $$, just to make the point that I am in the right even though a win would be a moral victory only? Should I do nothing and fret about it without naming names in my LJ?