There are some people who have been trying to get me to do work without compensating me as agreed. Last night, I told two of them that I was done being taken advantage of by them.

Company #1: More than a year past due on paying hundreds of dollars. More than a year past due on returning $3,500 worth of prints belonging to me and Forrest. Actually told me that I needed to do twice as much writing and twice as much photography for them now and they also wanted me to do publicity for them.

Company #2: Really thought I could trust these guys, but they are past due and telling everyone else they work with that they are planning on effing me over, but ssh don’t tell Amelia.

Telling these two that enough is enough feels better than I thought it would. Frees up some of my time too.

Just got off the phone with the new Beverly Hills attorney I am retaining. Tra la la. May will be better than April.