Yay! I got our hacker problem fixed. I got our hacker problem fixed! Finally, finally, finally! I’d dance a jig if I were not so exhausted. I was asleep by 2am tonight, but was awakened by a neighbor’s amazingly loud sex. I was peeved at the time, but now I want to go over and wake her ass up and thank her profusely. I am sooooooo happy. Okay, I still need to reissue a whole lot of username/password combos, but they will be secure once I do.

Yum, I am eating organic blueberry baby yogurt. Baby stuff has less sugar and carbs than regular and tastes better too. Blueberry is a tasty new flavor of it.

I had a good shoot tonight with two very cool friends who I’m going to put in Swag I’m so pleased to have another venue to support my friends in. This past year definitely had the Nietzsche life improvement plan going. But it actually has made me focus more on stuff that makes me happy, spend more time on stuff that I enjoy, and it helped me shed a lot of dead weight which was dragging me down. It always hurts to find out that someone you thought you could believe in would sell you out for a donut, but it is always better to know who your friends really are.

I’m trying to think of who the best entertainment would be for the Swag release party, but it is hard to come up with what would be perfect. Of course there are a bunch of bands I like, but it is difficult to pick just one that would be a perfect fit thematically for the new magazine. My first choice was inconsiderate enough to break up.

–Amelia G