Went to a fashion show hosted by Clint Catalyst last night. Met some cool new designers. Also ran into Mark Splatter, Veronica, and Divaluxe. Was going to meet them at Good Luck Bar afterwards, but I lallygagged. For some reason, I had thought that place was in West Hollywood, but it appears to actually be in Silverlake and not that far east of me.

Need to do some last minute assigning of writers for Swag today. I’m not really awake enough to do it yet though. I wish I had slept a little later. My alarm was not set to go off until I needed to meet with my trainer, but I woke up abruptly hours early. I think I was doing the teeth-grinding thing. Even good things can cause stress and I know I need to get a night guard again. It is just that the dentist I’ve been going to was recommended by the guy who took out my wisdom teeth and my wisdome teeth sockets just will not heal. Partly I am not sure I want to go to a dentist recommended by him. Maybe he did the best job possible and there was no way to know that the anaesthesia would almost kill me and maybe my mouth was just not going to heal properly with any speed. But it is hard to be confident. Plus, I am loathe to have the stuff to mold the night guard in my mouth when the sockets already hurt so much with nothing in my mouth. Besides, I know lots of people with acute TMJ who sleep without a night guard. My dad claims that his TMJ is mysterious because he does not think he grinds his teeth. Technically, I suppose I mostly clench, rather than grinding exactly, but do that for years and I’m not sure there is that big a difference. The oral experts get rich either way.

Note: In this context when I say “oral expert” I do not mean model/actress/kinda pricey hooker; I mean dentist/orthodontist/oral surgeon/pain clinic neurologist.

–Amelia G