I am so not watching the Superbowl. I just finished a pretty darn explicit update to GothicSluts.com featuring the work of an accomplished British photographer. I thought it was appropriate for football day.

The Genitorturers show on Friday was fun. Even in Los Angeles, where nobody shows reaction to a band usually, The Genitorturers still got the crowd going. They even had sexy performers on chains and hooks pulled up high enough that they brought the show to the balcony too. Dead Girls Corp did a good job warming up as well. I thought they got great crowd response for playing to an audience that had not come to see them. The afterparty we went to was pretty chill, but it was fun and somehow I still ended up getting home at like 7am.

The next day, my T-shirt guy came to deliver more of the Blue Blood T-shirts with the artwork by Trevor Brown. Trevor rules! So the T-shirt dude wakes me up in the afternoon calling and I’m drinking coffee and talking to Gen on her cell phone when he actually arrives with the shirts a little earlier than I had estimated. I live in a security building, so, if I am on the phone, anybody at the door can not ring. I finally hear him knocking and run to put pants on. I still have my outfit from the night before on the living room floor and no furniture out because I’m set up to shoot. He did a great job on the T-shirts, but he bizarrely keeps making oblique references to drunken something or other. I was rocking the Perrier the night before. Perrier is probably my favorite beverage. I often buy it by the case. Anyway, the reason I look a little ragged is just that I just woke up and haven’t had any coffee yet and it is definitely a coffee day. Then he sees a plastic sandwich bag on the living room floor and nearly jumps out of his skin. It is a totally powder-free plastic baggie which formerly held toiletries in my suitcase to Vegas, but, hey, if he thinks I’m livin’ large . . .

Travel tip: Get a box of semi-large ziplock bags whenever you have a trip to take. Put anything which could spill in a ziplock baggie. You can put small similar items in the same bag. For example, you might hate it if your powder (the other kind) exploded all over your jeans, but you probably would not care if it got on your eyeshadow case, so you can put those in the same baggie. I sometimes double-bag items which could really rain on a trip including perfume and shampoo.

–Amelia G