Naked Psychotic Break Good for Avoiding Intimacy?

Naked Psychotic Break Good for Avoiding Intimacy?

by Amelia G : March 29th, 2009

Breaking Bad episode 203I admit that the majority of my unsavory pals would cheerfully take all of their clothing off in a grocery store for pretty much any reason at all. The partners of those in relationships would not think stripping down in a public place was indicative of anything out of the ordinary. Episode 203 of Breaking Bad, “Bit by a Dead Bee”, explores what happens if you live the sort of life where people do not get naked in food establishments. And then you step outside that world where everyone feels they know what to expect.

On Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston’s Walter White character neglects to mention to his wife when he decides that a dead high school chemistry teacher’s financial potential will be insufficient to care for his family. He neglects to mention to his wife that he might be earning supplemental cash by, ya know, cooking disturbingly high quality methamphetamine and putting his fine mind to figuring out how to distribute to the appropriate drug dealer meth channels without getting murdered or brutalized.

Is not telling his wife what he is up to in his final months before he is likely to succumb to cancer avoiding intimacy? Or are there spaces in one’s existence where it is important to be distinct from one’s partner and autonomous?

Would you fake a psychotic break with public nudity in order to avoid exposing a secret to your family members or . . .

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