Ya know, sometimes I forget just how cool my life is. I’m a problem-solver, so I tend to focus my efforts where something needs fixin’. Sometimes this makes me really effective and sometimes it just makes me really stressed.

Yesterday was a super long day and I am sooooooooooooooo sore today. I feel like I ran a decathalon. We were supposed to shoot today, but the model had a crisis last night and had to re-schedule. Which is too bad because I wanted to shoot, but excellent because now I can get an hour and a half massage from my favorite massage therapist.

I started the day doing normal business stuff. Then went to a series of seminars about online business. My pal Kayla was on one of them and was hilarious and fun as always. My close friend L who just moved here from Arizona finally got to see just how far Hollywood really is from the beach. Then I went to a poolside reception where I met some cool and interesting new people and got to see a lot of friends. I had a weird sense of deja vu with one journalist, like we knew each other from some other situation, but he was great to talk with.

Then I went to an over-the-top party thrown by one of the banking liaisons I use. They had tons of magicians and open bar and full dinner catered by Wolfgang Puck. And I just had a really good time with everyone I was hanging out with.

It has been a tough month, but punctuated by a lot of really wonderful experiences.